Does Mindfulness Meditation Reduce Anxiety?

Anxiety and worrying are something that is wired into our brains. It was necessary for our ancestors to stay safe and alive. In the modern world, though, we no longer need this flight or fight response that produces anxiety. Still, so many of us have anxiety that seems to be on overdrive. Anxiety disorder affects nearly 40 million people in the United States.

Therapy and medications are┬ápopular treatment for anxiety. However, therapy can be expensive and time-consuming. And medications have side effects that are unwanted, and they don’t work for everyone. Even if you find herbs that work for you, you may find that you need additional treatment for anxiety.

One solution you might want to try is mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is one of many types of meditation, and studies have shown that it is effective for reducing anxiety. It is the most popular style of meditation for beginners because it’s effective and easy, and it doesn’t require special knowledge or training.

Mindfulness meditation can help you to relax and become calmer. But it actually does more than just that. It actually changes the structure of your brain. It can rewrite the way that your brain responds to stress, which is definitely going to be something that you will find to be beneficial.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on meditation every day. 5 – 10 minutes a day will still be helpful. You can use a regular breathing mindfulness meditation, you can find a guided meditation on the internet, or you can play some relaxing music while you do a breathing meditation.

You’ll want to sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe normally, and start to notice yourself breathing in and out. Finding a mantra like “I am, God is” or “breathe in, breathe out” can keep you from thinking other thoughts. If you do notice yourself having random thoughts, don’t feel bad. Just say “that is a thought” and bring your attention back to the breath.

Mindfulness meditation is a great technique, and it can be used to help many different conditions. If you want to see how it can reduce anxiety for you, why not give it a try? What do you have to lose?

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