The Anxiety Panic Help Center is an online resource for those who are struggling with anxiety. We believe in a holistic approach. We believe medications like benzodiazepines are more harmful and destructive than they are helpful, and we want to help those who struggle with anxiety and panic to find natural solutions.

Anxiety is Common

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorder affects 18 percent of adults in America. In today’s high pressure society, it is not hard to image why so many of us suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, in its most severe cases, anxiety and panic can be crippling. What can be done?

Holistic Solutions

We believe there is so much more to treating anxiety and panic disorders than just prescribing Xanax and leaving it at that. There are natural herbal remedies, there is meditation and reiki treatment, and there is psychotherapy. All of these can be effective when treating anxiety or panic disorder.

Learn More

Here at the Anxiety Panic Help Center, we strive to provide helpful resources for those who are in need. We understand that suffering with anxiety and panic can be truly difficult. We understand how debilitating it can be, and we are here to help. Have a look at our blog to learn more about the different solutions for anxiety and panic.

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